District Eight
Newly installed District Elder Tommie Wofford and Firstlady Sandra Wofford!

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Dedicated to Sister Ora V. Cotton
From Cousins John & Sadie Brown &Tribe
Let’s come to commemorate the life
of one faithful daughter, sister, mother, wife.
Her life on earth was truly blessed!
Her time to enter into His Rest
has come.  To rest from all earthly toil;
No more to tread on earthly soil.

She had run and endured
to the end of her course;
and she won, rest assured,
with the Lord as her Source.
“Well done,” said He,
“Your work is completed.
Rest some ‘til in Heavenly places
You are seated.”

Sweet Rest for the soul she has received,
 finished the race;
passed each test, reached her goal,
awaiting to see the Master’s Face
when He’s come to retrieve
His own.  She shall precede
those alive who remain;
 then all together we shall leave.

But ‘til then let us all
her faithfulness,
Gentle spirit, sweet songs,
which ever in our hearts shall rest.
Dearest Ora ., this is not farewell,
for by and by
we’ll reunite at end of Pilgrim’s Trail
in that Sweet Home on High!

July 5, 2008 Kedric’s Kreations ‘Specially for U: kfb inc.